Our Mobile App!

We have our very own Mobile App!  You can order product, make appointments, view your history and more! You can even send us an Instant Message with one tap. 

Place an order using the App by Oct. 5th and we'll credit 15% of your total towards your next service.    So try out the app and order now!  

Here's how to download the app:

Go to your App Store and search for "ProSolutions Paired." It is a black square with the outline of a pear in white.

Download it.

Search for the shop "Face Magic Skin Care - El Cerrito,"

When you find it, highlight it and click the Pair button.

You should see a screen without logo on it.

Sign in as a "Client." Be sure to use your name and email as it appears in our database. When successful, you should see your complete history. If you don't see your history, you've probably used a different name, so call us and Carjonie will help you find your exact name as it is in our database.

Why Vitamin C?

Our Summer's End Vitamin C package provides the rejuvenation your skin needs after a summer of fun in the sun. Our special offer is for a Vitamin C treatment at the shop, plus a full retail bottle of our Timeless C Serum that allows you to extend your treatment for 30 days.  In this time, your skin will improve in appearance  and suppleness. 

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant shown to protect skin from oxidation damages caused by free radicals from UVA and UVB rays.  Our own Timeless C Serum also includes Ferulic Acid and Phloretin CF, which combine with the high concentration of Vitamin C to protect against aging caused by environmental factors such as sun, smoke, and ozone pollution. In addition to providing these protective benefits, the serum reduces fine lines and evens skin tone.

We've also added the Kakadu Plum to our Timeless C Serum.  We love this ingredient because it has the highest recorded level of natural Vitamin C of any plant in the world. It is a nutritional powerhouse in battling the effects of today's environment.

Renew your skin!  Call today to schedule your Vitamin C package. 

Offer ends September 15th, 2018.

WTH do I have to use Toner?

We know you only have so much time in the day to take care of your skin. And who needs another bottle on their shelf?  Cleansers, moisturizers, have them all, so why do you need a toner? Here's why:

1.  IT FINISHES THE CLEANSING JOB.  Cleaning your face with soap and tap water leaves a residue on your face, but did you know it also changes your delicate pH?  When your pH is out of whack, your face is stressed and produces oils. Toner removes residue from pores and restores your skin's normal pH. (Ahhh, I feel cleaner already!)

2.  MINIMIZES THE APPEARANCE OF LARGE PORES.  After cleaning out those pores, toner helps close pores and tighten cell gaps.  Selfie, anyone?

3.  REDUCES ACNE AND IRRITATION.  When pores are minimized, it is more difficult for impurities and environmental contaminants to get into the skin, so your skin is healthier.

4.   ADDS HYDRATION.  Now that your pores are minimized and your face is the proper pH, guess what?  It is now better prepared to accept your moisturizer.  You'll notice that your moisturizer is more effective when you use a toner beforehand.


We have two toners to choose from Click on the name to return to our Product page:

Hydrating Jasmine Toner is a wonderful summer toner, using a blast of anti-oxidants to give your face the defense it needs to battle the day.  

Wildcrafted European Rose Tonic has the added benefit of Rose essential oil, known to improve the look and texture of your skin.