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Face Magic Skin Care Services


Face Magic’s Signature Facial $105

Relaxing and therapeutic, this facial is customized to your unique needs and the concerns you have about your skin. You will leave revived, with a glowing complexion and a home care maintenance plan that will continue to address your goals and reveal a more beautiful appearance. (60 minutes)

Hydrating Facial: the perfect skin quencher $135

This long-lasting, deeply hydrating facial restores dry/dehydrated skin, bringing back its full luster. The perfect quencher for your thirsty skin. (60 minutes)

Skin Fitness for Men $105

This service is customized for men's unique skincare needs, leaving the skin healthy and renewed. Grooming services, such as trimming ear, nostril and eyebrow hair may be added on +$35. (60 minutes)

Express Facial $75

The perfect antidote for the fatigue of today's urban lifestyle, this quick pick-me-up facial is the answer when your skin is stressed. Can be used to target a specific skin condition. Your skin will say 'thank you.' (45 minutes)

Winter Hydration Facial with Gift $135

A wonderful package we're offering for the month of January to keep winter at bay. Get a hydration facial with complimentary head and shoulder massage to bring suppleness and smoothness to your skin. Then keep the magic going by taking home al FREE retail-sized bottle of our HydraSilk Serum. You will feel nourished and renewed.

Just for Teens (11-17 Years of Age) $85

Proper skin habits can leave teens' skin clear and glowing. This facial addresses their most common concerns and educates them on the best home care routine. (60 minutes)

Acne Repair $155

A deep pore cleansing and healing treatment designed to calm and correct blemished or acne-troubled skin while preventing future breakouts. Professional recommendations will be given with regards to diet, lifestyle, and an effective homecare routine. (90 minutes)

Extractions: Targeted Pore Cleansing

Designed for clients when additional deep-pore cleansing is needed. 15 min. option only available as an add-on only with any facial service.

15 min. $35
45 min. $95
60 min. $105
*First Time Visitors: For first-time guests, a $10 charge will be added to any selected facial to include an additional 15 minutes for an in-depth skin analysis and an introduction to a homecare routine with Face Magic.

Diamond-Tipped Microdermabrasion $150

A 3-in-1 superfacial, this service promotes collagen production in a safe, non-surgical manner. You will see a brighter complexion, firmer skin and diminished fine lines and pores. (60 minutes)

Oxygen Rx $220

A prescription-based treatment that drives moisture into your cells, instantly hydrating the skin and creating healthy cells that result in a dewy complexion.

Vitamin C Treatment $140

This revolutionary four-layer "facelift” is superfood for your skin. It will brighten, tighten and lighten your skin with the use of Vitamin C, glycolic acid and active enzymes. (60 minutes)

All Treatments may be purchased individually, but for optimal results, a series of three treatments is recommended over three months.


Discover the restorative magic and power of corrective peels. Aging, sun exposure, discoloration, acne or overactive oil production leave your skin wrinkled, spotted, scarred and unevenly toned. Corrective peels remove the damaged outer layer of skin. This stimulates collagen production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, revealing the vitality of a fully hydrated, firm and youthful complexion.

No matter your age, corrective peels benefit all adult skin. Just as time and its effects have determined the condition of your skin today, with the power of peels, cellular memory will change, triggering youthful regeneration.

Skin Renewal One: "Youth is a One Time Gift" $105

Prolong precious signs of aging with this “light” alpha and beta hydroxyl renewal peel designed to expunge the early signs of aging and treat conditions of acne, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea. (30 minutes)

Skin Renewal Two: "Slow Down the Hands of Time" $125

Take action against the signs of aging, acne and pigmentation by stimulating collagen production with this "dual-action" mid-level peel. (45 minutes)

Skin Renewal Three: "Reset the Clock" $185

See a significant change in your skins complexion and texture with this deep peel. You will see dramatic results as healthy cells are re-born. The service includes the peel, take-home products, and a follow-up hydrating facial. This treatment requires some home care time, as visible peeling will occur 1 - 3 days after application. (75 minutes plus follow-up facial and consultations.)

To maximize results for Renewals One and Two, we recommend a series of four to six treatments scheduled 10 to 21 days apart.


Arms $120
Arms with Facial $75
Back $125
Hands $65
Hands with Facial $45
Decollete $75
Decollete with Facial $50
Upper Lip $45


The correct eyebrow design, with proper upkeep, will help create confidence and a personalized style.

Brow Design & Wax $45
Brow Cleanup $23
Brow Cleanup with Facial $18


Lip Wax $18
Chin Wax $19
Full Face $53
Sideburns $17
Nostrils $19
Nostrils with Facial $15