Our Facial Services



We customize every facial to the skin we see before us.  We start with an aromatherapy hot towel soak and a double-cleanse. A toner, serum and moisturizer will be selected and applied based on your skin needs. Then we apply one of our enzyme peels to gently exfoliate the dead cells.  Serum and moisturizer go on a second time.  A head and shoulder massage will not only relax you but encourage flow in the lymph system, reducing swelling and impurities. Finally, a lip and eye cream, and, of course, sunscreen. You will leave feeling relaxed and restored. (60 min)   



FACIAL UPGRADES (add to any facial)

  • Ultra hydration   add $30         Thirsty, dry skin?  This treatment starts with exfoliation then uses ultrasound to drive the ultra-hydrating serums into your cells, leaving them highly moisturized.


  • Pigmentation Balancer   add $40       Uneven complexion?  We assess pigmentation with a light machine and treat it with strong exfoliation and brightening masks.  We strongly recommend one of our take-home brightening serums as a follow-up to this facial. 


  • Diamond Microderm-abrasion  add $45       Our diamond-tipped abrasion device removes dull surface cells and simulates collagen production in a safe, non-surgical treatment.  You will see a brighter complexion, firmer skin and diminished lines.


  • The Rejuvenator:  Oxygen Rx   add $65     If your skin seems stuck in the dull, lifeless zone, this treatment is for you. We use a prescription-based process that drives oxygen into the cells. You will see immediate results with a brighter, suppler skin better positioned to absorb your at-home products.


  • Advanced Acne Repair  add $25      Treat your facial acne with this cleansing and calming facial.  Our acne facial is specially formulated to kill bacteria, unclog pores and eliminate excess oil buildup. Our calming masks reduce redness and inflammation and bring harmony back to the skin. With regular treatments, future acne breakouts will be minimized.


  • Sun-Repair Vitamin C  add $25           Too much sun?  Vitamin C is a superfood for weather-damaged skin.  This treatment includes 4 layers of potent Vitamin C products, leaving your skin brighter, tighter and resistant to environmental attacks.




  • Gentlemen’s Skin Care     $145      Our popular Signature Facial tailored to meet the needs of men’s skin.   Additional grooming +$15
  • SWiCHTM      $205       This revolutionary treatment activates the skin’s natural repair mechanism forcing them to repair as if they were young again.  Amazing results achieved for those over the age of 35.   (60 min initial visit with at-home follow-up)


  • Just for Teens   $105  (13 to 18 years)    Proper skin habits can leave teens’ skin clear and glowing.  This facial treats their most common concerns and educates them how to take care of their skin at home.  (45 min)


ADD-ONS    (done as add-on to a facial only)


  • Eye & Lip Add-on (w facial)  add $35  +15min

Addresses those fine lines around your lips and eyes with a bit of extra TLC.  We exfoliate, apply a mask, and moisturize with products suited specifically for these tender areas.

  • Extractions: Targeted Pore Cleansing

Designed for clients when additional deep-pore cleansing is needed.  (15 min extraction only available as add-on to facial service)

15 min  $35       45 min   $95       60 min $105

  • Single Deep Peel Application   $65
  • Decollete Facial   $45
  • Decollete Peel   $75    



Brow        $25 ($18 w/ facial)                               

Lip                    $18

Chin                 $19

Full Face          $53




Discover the restorative magic and power of our Renewal Peels. Renewal Peels remove the damaged outer layer of skin. This stimulates collagen production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lightens pigmentation, revealing a more youthful complexion.

Renewal Peels benefit all skin. Time has determined the condition of your skin to this point.  The right peel will change your cellular memory, triggering youthful regeneration.

For our Renewal Peels, we use a Glycolic Acid,  Lactic Acid, or an Organic Green Herb Peel depending on the needs of your skin.

Renewal Peel:            1st visit    $195 - $345, depending on need (includes facial)

                                   3 visit package   $345-$495

For best results, we recommend 3 visits spaced 2 weeks apart.         


Unsure of what service you need? 

New clients can make an appointment for a COMPLIMENTARY skin analysis.  ( 15 minutes)