We're Certified to deal with Covid

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We're Certified to deal with Covid

During quarantine, we focused on training to bring you the safest visit possible at Face Magic.

Upon quarantine, we immediately reached out to the Professional Agencies in our industry to be sure we adopted the best practices in a Covid-sensitive world. 

We took two Disinfection Prevention courses sponsored by the Professional Beauty Industry and the disinfectant manufactures themselves:


  1. Barbicide Covid-19 Certification

  2. Infection Prevention Training

These taught us the latest techniques, materials, and procedures to use to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.


We also completed a 30-hr course offered by the US Esthetics Council on Disinfection & Sanitization that awarded us a Disinfectant Expert Certification.  The Council provided detailed guidance on the best practices for a spa/salon in the Covid era.  It included having us submit a detailed plan for our shop on how we were going to defend against the spread of the virus. That plan is available for your review upon request.  These practices will change the look of your visit, but keep the safety and serenity that you expect.


We are truly in this together. We must all stay safe.  But as we move forward and return to our lives, we want you to know that we have done everything possible to minimize any risk at our shop.