About us

Healing the World One Face at a Time

Your skin – like you- is unique. At Face Magic we believe that a highly individualized, result oriented, fully nurturing approach is the best way to reveal and maintain the beautiful skin you want at every stage of life.

The most effective means to evaluate your skin’s condition is a personal, one-on-one skin analysis, and there is no substitute for this process.

Skin is the organ of touch, and the expert touch of the trained, experienced skin-care professionals at Face Magic is essential to the proper assessment of your skin’s unique qualities. When the current condition and needs of your skin are fully understood, it’s our task to work with you to create an individualized regime that meets your personal goals, empowering you to nurture and heal your skin and achieve your most natural and beautiful complexion.

Our Estheticians

The estheticians of Face Magic share a deep commitment to delivering the most beneficial and effective treatments and products available and to providing you with the information you need to attain and maintain optimal skin health and beauty.

This is the True Magic of Face Magic - Ongoing education and continuous product research underlie every aspect of our practice. Expert knowledge and experience allow our staff to engage with you in comfortable dialog, asking the right questions, listening carefully to your observations, responding with deeper questions, until the living story of your individual skin has been told.

By this personalized, interactive process we can determine what care, both in the salon and at home, will lead you to the most transformative and lasting results.