Preparing for Re-Opening

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Preparing for Re-Opening

We can't wait to see you again. You'll see changes on your next visit.

We are still waiting for the state's OK to re-open. In the meantime, we have taken major steps to be sure our salon is as healthy as possible when you return. To keep you informed, we've described some of those steps below.
We look forward to opening soon and being able to see your smiling faces again. ..... Lynne & Manuel
We have taken two State-required courses on Infectious Diseases. We have also taken a course offered by the Esthetics Council on Disinfection & Sanitization that awards us a Disinfectant Expert Certification. The Council has provided detailed guidance on the best practices for a salon in the Covid era. These practices will change the look of your visit, but keep the safety and serenity that you expect. 
Just a few of the changes you’ll see:
Human contact will be minimized. Client appointments will be spaced out. This way we can thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the shop and supplies between clients. Only one client will be walking through the shop at a time to minimize interaction. There will be no talking once in the facial room. (We’ll use this opportunity to give you a period of peace and zen for the time you are on the table.)
Disinfectant rituals will be implemented with and between every client. All surfaces and supplies will be disinfected between clients. Hand-washing and clothing placement will be a ritual to minimize the chance of outside contamination. 
Fresh air has been increased. Fans and ventilation have been installed to maintain a fresh air flow through the shop and in each treatment room.
Personal Protective gear will be worn. Staff will wear face masks at all times, and face shields and fresh clothing/aprons during each treatment. Clients will wear masks except during the treatment itself.
Before we open, we will share with you our new detailed protective procedures. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay healthy and safe.