Why Vitamin C?

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Why Vitamin C?

The unique anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C and nature's way of protecting your skin from environmental stresses.

Vitamin C provides the rejuvenation your skin needs after a summer of fun in the sun. 


Vitamin C is a uniquely-potent anti-oxidant shown to protect skin from oxidation damages caused by environmental stresses such as sun, pollution, smoke, heat and even stress. In addition to providing these protective benefits, the serum reduces fine lines and evens skin tone. But it oxidizes quickly so the key is to get a product that contains multiple sources of slow-oxidizing Vitamin C and combining it with other stabilizing anti-aging ingredients.


Our own Timeless C Serum has 5 sources of the more stable Vitamin C, and includes Ferulic Acid and Phloretin CF, which combine with the high concentration of Vitamin C to protect against aging caused by environmental factors such as sun, smoke, and ozone pollution.


We've also added the Kakadu Plum to our Timeless C Serum.  We love this ingredient because it has the highest recorded level of natural Vitamin C of any plant in the world. It is a nutritional powerhouse in battling the effects of today's environment.


Renew your skin!  Call today to schedule your Vitamin C facial.